Saturday, June 28, 2008

#9 The POST

People blog about varied category of things, giving me an option list of countless topics to write about, guess what i have done here negates the conception that one should have an idea or a thought regarding which he can elaborate and write about .
Reading ahead you will find all the build up that led to this blog and funny thing is the idea of calling it The Post, a post about the very same post in the blog crept in only after I had written the whole thing down, thus ended up writing the body first, conclusion next and the start at the very end of it.

I guess it was probably the aura or halo or whatever of the OTHLA gang that inspired me to pick up the pen (not literally of course).
As have already mentioned in previous blog’s, I never considered myself being of the writing types. But there was something in Bangalore among those pals that made me start it.
Probably it was an activity that bonded us well into a group since most of us preferred to fill the abundant web space with their portion of the crap.

You how a common activity or a common experience can bring even strangers together.
Guess BLOGGING was one such thing for us.
Of course we had other things as well, The Mafia game, RED CODERS sessions (Biggest contributor of em all), etc. were the most obvious ones and this blogging thing never came to fore front in comparison but was always there.

And obviously I haven’t found any similar source of encouragement in this post Bangalore life.

There have been a few times when I felt the experiences I had were worth sharing out here, but then the urge to write was never strong enough to overcome the laziness.

So the question is… why now?
The credit goes to 2 guys to bring the background process upfront and also the free time that a couple of days off from office gave.

It just so happened that OTHLA a.k.a kathik mv (I know the second name is just use less wonder if any one knows him by that name anymore) after long duration of absence has come up with a new blog on his post. Worst was I was forced to read and add up a comment on that one. The dialogue goes
Karthik : dude as it is you have stopped blogging completely at least add a comment on mine.

Second dude would be Parshva.
Guess the character needs a bit of intro here.
Parshva Doshi: met this guy during my 10+2 coll and has been a pal since then.
Went to the same engg coll as me and now works for Microsoft in seattle after his MS.

Back to the topic, we once ended up chatting on the dreaded topic of how things tend to change over time specially one gets into the earning life after college. (I know this itself is a super huge topic on which I can write atleast 2 blogs , but PARK IT ASIDE FOR NOW.)
Well in the discussion I narrated an experience that I had and told him that it was worth enough blogging the whole thing. (one of those failed attempts) and he got completely shocked answering back..
Parshva: Didn’t know you still blog man.

Well nothing shocking or alarmingly inspiring but the words from both of them just rang some bell and since I had four full days at home in Mumbai thought something should go in as a post this weekend.

So if you are reading this as one of those who are expected to read and leave a comment, then u know whom to blame and if you just happened to stumble across my blog (I know that happens cause got a few comments on my previous blogs from such guys) and decided to read the whole thing and found it a bit aimless then probably you could try it on your own cause writing some thing on the thing which is about to be written is a dam complex piece of art.
Blessed coders of C can probably compare it to recursive calling of functions, if you have the faintest of idea what that is….. [:)]

Drop in a comment if u have any suggestions on how this thought could be executed in a better way.


anand said...

good going dude.....

Anonymous said...

keep blogging writing is a good outlet. here's a tip. write your blog in emacs atwork when you want people to think u are working but actually aren't or dont want to :)


Anonymous said...

I certainly got to know more about you than I would have known you by meeting in-person :)..anyways keep blogging and I will be 'posted' about you ;)

Karthik said...

Dude me totally confused here. Saturday night when i first read this, i thought i must have been very sleepy and didnt understand it. But now after reading it again, i am still in confusion.

I didnt get the connection between C recursive functions and the blog too. Guess thats typical of us Red coders(Man!!! got to thank our company for all these fancy names).

But its actually good to see that you are back into blogging and thanks for the free publicity :D

Anonymous said...

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Rohit Ranganathan said...

nice one....though i got confused a bit :)

Anonymous said...

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