Thursday, September 27, 2007


had thought of starting the blog with the idea that this bit of writing will improve my hold over the language and at the same time give timely insight to pals back home about whats going on out here in bengaluru..

Well lets just say the improvement has one to one mapping to the frequency of the posts...
cant blame me though, there's been a lot of thinking and managing going on to make me a MAD.. BAD.. SAD imbecile retard.

major part of last four months was searching for THE ANSWER..
what to do in life...
what do i opt for MBA.. MS????
the good part is .. thankfully atleast have a final call on this one. :)

Past 4 months have also bore witness to a couple of life changing events.
1) 4th Sep:
Completed 1 yr at Mindtree Consulting Ltd. More importantly its 1 year of survival in Bangalore against all odds. Cant explain the enormous boost in confidence 4th sEp facilitated.
having that coveted "YR" on the resume sure feels good.. i mean it really feels good.
.. Would like to call this year as a CRASH COURSE ON SURVIVAL INSTINCTS.
I sure have had my tests on the way, C2 debacle... First ever Job assigned in the TEAM(WINCE,BSP,PORTING,CIRRUS LOGIC were all jargons then).. MINDTREE's tumble from 1021 to 850 to 530's ...etc etc

But the imp part is i still stand.. and was strong enough to take a bold step that would be counted as the second major event of the recent life.

(Play BLIND and raise the stakes..........................)
2) 21st Sep:Since the decision was made.. it was time to be strong and back my self on it. Many would call it a rash and very unsafe decision to QUIT the company like Mindtree without a proper back up in Mumbai.
But as i see it is... I NEED TO GET BACK to STUDY.
Took the decision late on Friday and put my papers in. Thanks to loss of phone failed to convey the message to the OTHLA gang and decided to wait till monday and prepare myself to face the TSUNAMI of questions .
but there was SHITIZ.. one of those who just has to shoot first and think later. (More like the age old - girl type GOSSIPPY character)

This big a decision..... wanted to tell it myself to the pals but dudeja stole the thunder off one of the most critical events of my career.. (Probably shouldnt write it here but just cant let it go)

whats done is done... THE RESIGNATION.

MUMBAI.. here i come

(entire post may seem a bit more abrupt, but thats how i am right now and thought of posting it before i get back to mumbai..
and the title is intentionally left BLANK)