Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Take on "The Lost Symbol"

SPOILER ALERT : If you intend to use this blog and take a decision weather you should read the book or not.. then if eventually you end up reading the book, it might not even be as thrilling as little as it can be. :)

The Lost Symbol, third in the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown turned out to be a mixed bag. Typical Brown writing, the series of events are so fast paced one can hardly wait around and imagine the picturesque image being portrayed, but thriller’s are supposed to be so.. aren’t they?

The book can actually be split into two theme parts, first with the chase and solving the Mason mysteries which comprises of the bulk of the book and the other being the last 50 odd pages where Brown attempts a totally different stunt touching sensitive lines questioning very basis of understanding and believes of not just Christianity but all the religions around the world.

Brown does good enough to cover a few areas related to background on Solomon’s before Robert touches Washington, after which the mad chase beings introducing characters with their own justifiable spaces in the plot and twists.
The build up does seem standard, relying on the similar established formula of labyrinth’s, explanation of old symbols, works of European artists of different era’s , company of a female character and others as used in previous two releases. But this is not that big and issue for fan’s of Robert Langdon, like myself who just love to read him do what he does the best, recollect unfathomable details and data about symbols and history under stress of situation and time, thanks to his eidetic or photographic memory.

Specially want to mention the master stroke of drowning Robert in oxygenated fluorocarbons and his revival with aid of CIA director (wonder if thats really possible). However the National Security Issue which was the main entry point for CIA into the plot kinda turned out to be disappointing. The hype was too much and the outcome just not that mind blowing I guess.

In the finale after the death of Peter Solomon’s son (which was a good filmy twist :P) Brown professes this second theme of MAN being the supreme being , i.e establishing that MAN is the CREATOR and not the CREATED.
The way he toys with the brains of the readers, even the hard lined believers and followers of different religions all over the globe would be pressed to ponder over the descriptions and questions asked in the book… Is there GOD with in us and our body his temple?

To conclude, I won’t call this book a total waste of 700 bucks gift coupons but if you are spending your own money wait for the cheaper print. The book is good, but to me his best work till date remains The Da Vince Code.