Sunday, November 11, 2007

#8 Bangalorised.... AM I?

This one is my first post from mumbai and hence the post rallies around transition time and my experiences on it.

In case you have been kind enough and have taken a moment to go thru the previous post, you would be aware of the fact that I am now a BEROZGAR who is supposed to be studying for his MBA entrance's.
Instead here I am blogging down a few feelings and narrating my relocation back home ..

Boy o' boy... I was happy/glad/enthusiastic/euphoric to come back home .. come back to Mumbai.

If earning my first salary was some feeling.. returning home with a successful year behind me and achieving what none in my family have ever done.. was parallel and as satisfying.

It took about a week for the euphoria to subside and the tension to build in .. that i am here and for things to work out good.. am counting on myself to achieve something for which ppl generally
spend years (eg. shariq - approx 2 yrs if i am not wrong.)
Optimism... "Not that impossible a task i say after all its just High school math that you need to go thru"
Pessimism.. "You cheap dumb shit.. I WILL BACK MYSELF.. crap. Dude were you drunk when u took such a decision???"

F**k I am not gonna make it this time... lets find a job and work for one more year.. next yr u can be more prepared and 2+ work ex will also be a good time to do a MBA.
As it is sitting around at home .. something that was a bliss about a year ago is way out of the comfort range now.

Finding a job in Mumbai was never gonna be easy...
with a year of ex on Wince i am far from stable in any off the IT fields out here. The Irony is I always wanted to be in RND in Mindtree and now i realize had i been in ITS (either java or dotnet) finding a job would be a piece of cake.
Well the struggle is one..
With offers half the scale of what MT gave.. its hardly gonna be digestible.

i dont know if it is this state of disarray or just that i was stable in bangalore with a cool fixed income and all alone to bust all of it..
but the fact remains... that i miss that life in bangalore..
those night time rides on my bike ... the cool un-sultry weather .. the freedom.. it was awesome

Guess the most important part was ... FINANCIAL SECURITY
well the final decision on bangalore and the missing concept will have to wait till the time i get another source of income here :P

But to be honest... the time i spent in bangalore.. would definitely fall under GOOD TIMES category.. and a big chunk of the credit goes to the biggest waste bags of bangalore ... the OTHLA Gang..


Karthik said...

Dude good to know that you have been missing us. Isi liye bata raha the. Ab bhi waqt hai, wapas aaja :)
But on a more serious note, you do seem confused. Not to worry bout it man, the world is a real big place with lots and lots of oppurtunities :)

Rohit Ranganathan said...

u'll get a job in .NET
but no one matches the pay
Ask me

Bhargav said...

Hem Hem... Someone is suffering from bouts of Bangalore-sickness.. :)
Dude, you can still come back... Lots of space in WinCE... Plus, we are short of a cricketer... :)

Morpheus said...

Errr...... How dare you called us waste bags?!!!! We are othla doesnt mean we are waste bags....
PS: Watch "Taare Zameen Par" for knowing the importance of each person.;-)