Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Finally some free time to consider activities that are not on top of the priority list.

The first year of the MBA program ended about 10 days ago. Despite all the due diligence and months of planning I must admit entering the MBA program in USA was bit of a leap of faith. Having lived away from home for 4 years after graduation, I was prepared for some more of it in America. Guess the attack on 2 fronts (country and career) was just too much to handle. The biggest challenge though will have to be getting adjusted to the “low budgeted” student life. It just sucks. All those who say money doesn’t buy happiness, clearly don’t know how to spend and have fun :P

On the bright side, the fast paced MBA program hardly gave any time to think about those changes as the days just flew by conquering one challenge after the next. Sitting back reflecting on these past 10 months I am filled with mixed emotions. One word that I can use to describe this period is “New”, some new bonds of friendship, some new revelations about self and some new learning about the culture and lifestyle in USA. For a self-absorbed person jumping on both sides of introvert and extrovert personalities there have been times I’ve had to push myself to blend into the outgoing nature of social norms in USA.

However there have been few highlight moments in these past months that raised the spirits and kept me going.

Cricket World Cup 2011: For a cricket and Sachin fan, a lot was at stake in this World Cup. It was all there the preparation, the build-up and the expectation. Team India had been playing good cricket, Sachin himself enjoying the form of his lifetime. I doubt if there is a word in English dictionary that can describe or do justice to the victory feeling. The team deserved it, India as cricketing nation deserved it and above all the God of cricket deserved it. Only disappointment though would be that I wasn’t in India/Mumbai to celebrate the victory and enjoy the euphoria.

Spring Break: Ask anyone who has been a part of the American education system and you will realize how awesome spring breaks are. A couple of MBA friends and I fell for the hype and decided to experience it out ourselves. For a person who enjoys traveling, the road trip was more fun than destination. Make no mistake about it Panama City is the place to be for your spring break. Unfortunately weather was determined to ruin the experience. However the stops at Charleston and Savannah were worth the road trip, beautiful port cities with old world architecture. The best part of the1800 miles road trip was its unplanned nature, on the spot decisions about driving longer and stopping at Jacksonville or even extension of stay at Savannah. Of course all of it would have been bit of a drag without the right company viz. Deb – the driver, Muvva – the coke boy and Ravi – Tollywood’s next big thing.

There is a lot more to share but considering the reducing trend in attention span of modern day readers will end the blabbering right here. Also leaves some arsenal for future posts. Lets just call this one a precursor to the chronicles of Kaushal. ;)

Until next time, Cheers!!!


shailesh said...

good going hero...! can so relate to the low-budgeted life. But you have to agree that it has its own sweet charm.

kd said...

@sailesh: for me that 1 year in bangalore with my first salary pay-checks and free life was lot lot lot more 'sweeter' with the right blend of free time and less responsibilities and money to spend it AL: :P
but i do see where you get your charm feeling from :)